What are Your Wardrobe Essentials?

I'm pretty sure we all have certain articles or types of clothing that we consider absolute must-haves. You know...the items that we tend to keep a lot of in our closets and wear all the time. 

I definitely do. For me...it's tank tops.

I'm not talking about pretty tank tops with fun graphics or designs on them (unless they're part of a pajama set). I don't wear tank tops without anything over them because I'm not comfortable showing my bare upper arms. 

I'm referring to solid color, longline, layering tanks. I own tanks in every core color, and I wear them under just about everything: t-shirts, tunics, sweaters...you name it. Why..? Well...because, in most cases, they're longer than my regular tops. I can tug them down enough to cover my big backside when my shirt can't do the job. I feel like a tight tank covering my butt and hips gives me just a little bit of a slimmer look. I could be wrong. It's quite possible that I just think it looks better because it makes me feel more comfortable. Either way...tank tops are a staple for me.

As far as accessories are concerned...my obsession is definitely bags. I've never been big into shoes like a lot of women...but I've always loved a beautiful designer bag. The older I get, the more practical I'm trying to be...and I've taught myself that not every bag I own has to be designer. I've ventured into the world of less expensive handbags...and there are so many great ones out there! We even sell a few ourselves, now! My current personal favorite is the Quilted Multi-Zip Crossbody Bag in Pink. It's practical, affordable...and super cute!