The Holiday Bucket List

Shopping and parties and food...OH MY!

Along with the holiday season come countless activities, traditions and events to take part in. What are the most important to you? What's on your list of must-dos?

Maybe decorations are a huge part of your holiday, and you go all Clark Griswold with the lights and the Christmas tree. Or maybe not - and you'd rather drive around looking at the other beautiful decorations throughout town.

Perhaps you and your girlfriends have an annual shopping day that starts with seeking out the perfect gifts...and ends with shared cocktails.

Some of us have a tradition of baking a variety of cookies and other treats to share with family and friends.

Love putting together the perfect holiday outfit? Do you go with leggings and a fun graphic tee...a sassy, sparkly dress...or matching family pajamas?

Do you travel during the holidays? have lots of family stay with you for Christmas?

There are holiday cards, of course. Do you send professional family photos to everyone you know? or handwritten cards to a select few?

Is there a Christmas movie you never miss? Do you have a favorite holiday song that you play on repeat? Is there a cause that you volunteer your time to? or a traditional meal that you always prepare?

Do you like to squeeze every possible activity you can into your already crazy schedule - like... "Give me all the lights, parties, Santa parades, malls, crafting, cookies and movies!" (SO Brooke!) Or do you prefer a more relaxed holiday season - like... "I'm just going to sit by my Christmas tree wrapping presents with a balsam scented candle and a glass of pinot...and Christmas Vacation on the TV." (SO Kristy!)

We want to know what's on your holiday bucket list! Tell us in the comments!

Happy Holidays to you and yours!

 -Kristy & Brooke