The 'B' Word

It can be ugly. It can make you uncomfortable in your own skin. It can be downright evil.

That's right. The 'B' word I'm referring to here is BATHING SUIT.

Many of us dread putting them on, but in reality, they're often a necessary part of life. Some of us have children we want to go in the pool with. Some of us take part in family vacations that involve a lot of beach time. Others may have the opportunity to rest and relax at the lake or on a boat. Whatever the reason, most of us end up feeling the need to wear a bathing suit at some point.

Sure. As plus-sized women, we do have some options as far as swimsuits are concerned. Personally, I favor a two piece: a swim skirt bottom (preferably long enough to hide as much of my thighs as possible) and a tankini top (preferably halter style to accentuate the cleavage, and long and flowy enough to make my butt look slightly less large). Brooke likes a skirted two piece, as well...but prefers a tankini top with built-in cups and strong, adjustable shoulder straps to support her ample bosom. We also have the swim dress and swim shorts for those of us who like more coverage. Then there's the classic one piece for ladies who feel comfortable showing a little more skin...and leg. 

That brings me to those members of our sisterhood who are comfortable enough in their own skin to wear actual, good old fashioned bikinis. Ladies: all I can say is I give you all the credit in the world...and I wish I had just a fraction of your self confidence. I often see on social media that every body is a bikini body; just put a bikini on your body...and there ya go! Women who are confident and secure enough to believe in this theory make us realize that this particular 'B' word can also be empowering and beautiful. It's just too bad that more of us don't have the guts to go against society's bogus standards, and just do it...