Baby got BACK!

What's your biggest problem when trying to find clothes that fit properly?

My biggest issue is my butt...and I mean that literally and figuratively! it's not just my butt. It's also my hips...and my thighs. So...just that whole general area, really. The derrière is definitely the largest of these issues, though.

Pants like jeans and slacks are sometimes too big for me in the waist because I often have to size up to accommodate my butt, hips and thighs. As popular as leggings are, I don't have the courage to even try them on because...well...thunder thighs and cellulite.

When choosing tops, I always go for longer styles that will cover most (if not all) of my backside. I also prefer tops that aren't made of a clingy material because I want them to be as loose as possible...not to hug my butt tightly, thus accentuating the negative. Regardless of the top I'm wearing, I always find myself reaching back to pull it it often gets bunched at my waist after riding up my rear end.

Dresses are a completely different monster. I hardly ever wear them because I feel like it's almost impossible to find one that doesn't fit me in a way that makes my rump stick out a mile. If I do wear a dress, it's with a cardigan, duster, or something else over it to cover my hind quarters.

The only dress I've ever felt comfortable (and even beautiful) in was my wedding dress. It was a fit I never would have chosen for myself, but my bridal stylist told me to trust her...and I did (a million thanks to Shadia and Ve'Lace Bridal). I couldn't imagine someone with my body type wearing something called "fit & flare," but it was custom fit to my body...and it was perfect. If only we could all afford to have all of our clothing custom designed for us...