Holiday Indulgences

Most of us have that certain dish, dessert or cocktail that we always associate with the holidays. Maybe it's something that you only indulge in during this time of the year...or perhaps it's something that you serve at every holiday or gathering.

One of those things for us is Santa's Little Ho Ho...a delicious cocktail punch that we discovered a few years ago. It's such an easy recipe...and it's so good! (warning: it goes down really easy, so proceed with caution!) Without our usual group of family and friends to share it with this Christmas Eve, we just might have to make a batch and bottle it up for the two of us to enjoy throughout the Christmas weekend!



For a fun, festive and easy sweet treat, we love the Whipped Shortbread recipe from Taste of Home. The cute little cookies are buttery and sweet...and literally melt in your mouth!


Let us know if you try either of these...and feel free to share some of your own favorites! Happy Holidays!

-Kristy & Brooke