Cool (weather) Clothes

As cooler weather starts to creep up on us in a lot of places, we're curious: What are your favorite things to wear to keep warm and cozy during fall and winter?

We're still new to this business, so we're asking for feedback from our shoppers to help us decide what types of comfy and cozy pieces we should consider stocking for the colder months. 

Are you a casual hoodie girl..? Do you prefer a pullover hoodie or a zip-front hoodie..? 

Would you say you're more of a sweater person..? If so, do you like a classic pullover sweater, or a cardigan style..? Or maybe even a poncho..?

Then there are scarves. Do you like the classic style that can be wrapped or knotted around your neck..? Or would you choose an infinity scarf...or perhaps a shawl..?

Tunics..? Button-downs..? Turtlenecks..?

Jeans..? Joggers..? Leggings..?

There's just so much to consider! We look forward to reading your comments...

-Kristy & Brooke